An Evening of soup, bread, discussion around setting up a community bike workshop for Frome

Wed 9 Sep 2020 - 6pm-8pm at The Welsh Mill Hub

Our Edventure Start-Up students meet for the first time on a Monday and embark a challenge to make ideas real.

2 days later they host their first event – Edventure Soup.

They’ll introduce themselves, present their project and ask for your ideas, input and support to make their project come to life.

Please join us to gather a community of support around the team and their project.

There will be soup, bread, discussion, community and who knows what else.

Join us

It’s quite amazing how people in Frome rally behind ideas and initiatives that are good for our town. In order to address the challenges we face and build solutions, we need to come together around practical things that we can really do as a community. Edventure: SOUP is an evening where we welcome everyone who’s interested to come and share their thoughts and ideas.

Johannes Moeller, M.D. Edventure: Frome

Please join us and:

Join us

The Current Edventure Start-Up Challenge

On our Edventure Start-Up Course, students spend 10 weeks starting-up a community enterprise in response to a local challenge.

The theme for Edventure’s 15th team of Start-Up students will be announced by end of July 2020.